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Webinar series

BGP webinar series

This DE-CIX Academy webinar series is aimed at network engineers familiar with routing who want to learn about the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). 

Introduction to the series

01 Prefixes and Autonomous Systems

Learn about IP prefixes (v4 and v6) and AS numbers – what are they, what are they useful for, and how to get them. 

02 An introduction to BGP

This webinar shows you how to build and run a global network. You learn how to reduce costs and increase performance and resilience. 

03a Setting up iBGP

Learn how to receive and distribute prefixes, and what a route reflector is. The experiment in this webinar shows you how to set up iBGP.

03b Setting up eBGP

In this webinar, you will learn about distributing and redistributing prefixes, and why you need filtering. The experiment part guides you through how to set up eBGP.

04 Becoming multihomed

The webinar shows you how to add multiple upstreams to your network for redundancy and cost optimization.

05 BGP best path selection

Following up from part four, the fifth webinar takes a deeper dive into BGP route selection.

06 Communities

What are BGP Communities? Get the answer and learn more about the evolution of BGP Communities: Traditional, Extended, Large.

07 Security

Learn more about how to keep your network secure, how to secure your BGP sessions, how to filter prefix announcements, and much more.