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Where to connect

Connect to DE-CIX from over 600 cities in 80+ countries worldwide.

You can get connected to DE-CIX at thousands of data centers. Premium enabled sites are data centers where we operate our own hardware and can connect you directly. At enabled sites, we rely on partners to get you connected.

Use the form below to find out where to connect. You have two options:

  • Option 1: Select your location by filling in the country and the city from which you want to connect. This will give you a list of data centers where you can connect to a DE-CIX location, either directly or via a DE-CIX partner.


  • Option 2: Select a DE-CIX location. If you already know which DE-CIX location you would like to connect to, you can select this location and get a list of the premium enabled sites and enabled sites where you can get connected.