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DE-CIX wins Capacity Award 2015 for Best Internet Exchange

DE-CIX has been announced as the winner of the Capacity Award 2015 for Best Internet Exchange! It is a great honor for us to be chosen as the winner, especially in this category.

While DE-CIX received the Capacity Award for Best Global Service in 2013 for its DE-CIX Apollon platform, and the Capacity Award 2014 for Best North American Project for DE-CIX New York, this is another confirmation of DE-CIX’s outstanding quality in operating Internet exchanges all over the world. DE-CIX is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and the award crowns the work of two decades.

DE-CIX Frankfurt has reached the new record peak of 5 terabits per second in December 2015. More than 650 customers rely on DE-CIX in Frankfurt and connected customer capacity exceeds 18 terabits. Together with the customers of the other DE-CIX exchanges, more than 800 customers use DE-CIX’s award winning platforms to exchange IP traffic worldwide. 

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DE-CIX is going international

The exchange of Internet traffic is regionalizing, and consequently, DE-CIX is building up new exchanges internationally. In 2015, DE-CIX announced five new Internet exchanges:

Like all DE-CIX exchanges, the new exchanges are neutral and facilitate the settlement-free exchange of Internet traffic on the most advanced peering platform in the industry: DE-CIX Apollon.

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