Connect via partners

To enable you to get connected to DE-CIX and use our services from all over the world, we partner with hundreds of data centers, Internet service providers (ISPs), resellers, managed service providers and the like. You can use our partners to get access to our platform, to buy a specific service only, to get connected with small bandwidths, and to test our services – whatever it is you need. 

benefits of connecting via partners

Save costs on hardware and colocation.

Save costs on installation and cross connect charges.

Reduced paperwork and an almost instant setup.

Data center partners

There are many data centers where you can either connect directly to DE-CIX (DE-CIX premium enabled sites) or where we rely on partners to transport you to our platform (DE-CIX-enabled sites). Which data centers are available and if you can connect directly or via a partner can be found out here.


DE-CIX resellers provide you with both the access to our platform and all the services you need. They handle everything in regards to your connection and all your contractual relations will be with the reseller. Resellers usually offer more bandwidth choices, shorter contract terms, and access to more than one Internet Exchange giving you more flexibility. To find out which reseller can connect you and to request an offer, search for your PoP.

Connectivity partners

Connectivity partners leverage an existing access to DE-CIX to remotely connect you to our platform. They offer you a very fast time to market as they already have an interconnection to DE-CIX (Network-to-Network interface, NNI). Once you’ve placed your order with them, they will provision your connection without any additional cross connect costs or third-party fees. We partner with connectivity partners in North America, find out here if you can connect to DE-CIX via them.

Cloud resellers

If you only want to take advantage of our cloud services, you can connect to DE-CIX via our cloud resellers. Many data centers and ISPs partner with us to offer you access to our Cloud Exchange to reach 50+ clouds. A list of certified DirectCLOUD data center and ISP partners can be found here.

Channel partners

If you need consulting to successfully implement and run digital transformation projects in your company, we also work together with channel partners that can help you to best leverage the advantages of our interconnection platform. You can find these partners in our partner directory or contact us for more information.

DE-CIX customer service is there for you

When you connect via one of our partners, you will be able to contact the DE-CIX customer service directly at any time if you have questions. You will have all the benefits of our interconnection services exactly like direct DE-CIX customers have.