The European gateway for West African and South American networks

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Lisbon is the place where the sea cables from Western Africa and South America first hit the European continent. It is the perfect place to enter Europe and exchange traffic instead of going further north. 

Our Internet Exchange in Lisbon is part of the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in Southern Europe, offering access to more than 400 networks in Madrid, Barcelona, Marseille, and Palermo. With access in DE-CIX Lisbon you can also peer with hundreds of networks that are connected to the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in Frankfurt, New York, and several other locations with GlobePEER Remote service, and access over 50 cloud service providers in our Cloud Exchange with the DirectCLOUD service.


Bypass London and spare at least 30ms round-trip time.

Around 70 ms RTT from Fortalezza in Brazil. 

Only milliseconds away from Madrid.