The DE-CIX team

DE-CIX Management Team

Harald A. Summa

Harald A. Summa
Chief Executive Officer

Ivo A. Ivanov

Ivo Ivanov
Chief Strategic & Corporate Development Officer

Sebastian Seifert, CFO DE-CIX Group AG

Sebastian Seifert
Group Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Thomas King

Dr. Thomas King
Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Melzer

Daniel Melzer
Chief Network Architect

Arnold Nipper

Arnold Nipper
Chief Technology Evangelist and

<p>Andreas Sturm<br/>Chief Business Development Officer</p>

Andreas Sturm
Chief Business Development Officer

Stephan Rohloff

Stephan Rohloff
Chief Marketing Officer

Lucia Falkenberg

Lucia Falkenberg
Chief People Officer

<p>Gregor Reinhold<br/>Chief Financial Officer</p>

Gregor Reinhold
Chief Financial Officer


<p>Wolfgang Tremmel<br/>Head of DE-CIX Academy</p>

Wolfgang Tremmel
Head of DE-CIX Academy

Assistance to the Management

<p>Alexander Boden<br/>Executive Assistant<br/></p>

Alexander Boden
Executive Assistant

Business Development

Ed d'Agostino

Ed d'Agostino
Vice President DE-CIX North America

<p>Melanie Kempf<br/>Director Global Partner Relations</p>

Melanie Kempf
Director Global Partner Relations

<p>Theresa Bobis<br/>Regional Director South Europe<br/></p>

Theresa Bobis
Regional Director South Europe

<p>Maxim Pozdnyakov<br/>Regional Director Northern &amp; Eastern Europe<br/></p>

Maxim Pozdnyakov
Regional Director Northern & Eastern Europe

<p>Bülent Şen<br/>Regional Director Turkey </p>

Bülent Şen
Regional Director Turkey 

<p>Marco Brandstaetter<br/>Manager Business Development</p>

Marco Brandstaetter
Manager Business Development

<p>Marcus Brauckmann<br/>Manager Business Development<br/></p>

Marcus Brauckmann
Manager Business Development

Kirsten Hencken

Kirsten I. Hencken
Business Development & Marketing Support

John Hill

John Hill
Global Business Development Manager

<p>Harald Kriener<br/>Manager Business Development</p>

Harald Kriener
Manager Business Development

<p>Nina Saidi<br/>Manager Business Development</p>

Nina Saidi
Manager Business Development

<p>Daniel Spierling<br/>Manager Peering Services</p>

Daniel Spierling
Manager Peering Services

<p>Natalia Tkachuk<br/>Global Partner Manager</p>

Natalia Tkachuk
Global Partner Manager

Wouter van Renterghem

Wouter van Renterghem
Global Business Development Manager & Regional Director APAC

<p>Frank Wegerich<br/>Sales Analyst</p>

Frank Wegerich
Sales Analyst

Corporate IT Security

<p>Jan Stumpf<br/>Corporate IT Security Manager &amp; Data Protection Officer</p>

Jan Stumpf
Corporate IT Security Manager & Data Protection Officer

Customer Service

<p>Tobias Neumann<br/>Head of Customer Service<br/></p>

Tobias Neumann
Head of Customer Service

<p>Ahmer Baig<br/>Customer Service Engineer</p>

Ahmer Baig
Customer Service Engineer

<p>Christian Freiding<br/>Customer Service Engineer<br/></p>

Christian Freiding
Customer Service Engineer

<p>Dennis Heiland<br/>Customer Service Engineer</p>

Dennis Heiland
Customer Service Engineer

<p>Peter Kolodziej<br/>Customer Service Engineer</p>

Peter Kolodziej
Customer Service Engineer

<p>Craig Morris<br/>Customer Service Engineer</p>

Craig Morris
Customer Service Engineer


<p>Matthias Schmidt<br/>Senior Systems Engineer<br/></p>

Matthias Schmidt
Senior Systems Engineer

<p>Tolga Yalkir<br/>Systems Engineer<br/></p>

Tolga Yalkir
Systems Engineer


<p>Axel Skiba<br/>Head of Accounting</p>

Axel Skiba
Head of Accounting

<p>Susann Bechtold<br/>Sales Analyst Controlling<br/></p>

Susann Bechtold
Sales Analyst Controlling

Sabine Dorn

Sabine Dorn

<p>Daniela Klinck<br/>Controller</p>

Daniela Klinck

<p>Phillip Summa<br/>Junior Controller</p>

Phillip Summa
Junior Controller

Human Resources

<p>Stephanie Bender<br/>HR Representative</p>

Stephanie Bender
HR Representative

<p>Selin Gueldner<br/>HR Representative                        </p>

Selin Gueldner
HR Representative                        


<p>Eric Dorr<br/>Head of Infrastructure</p>

Eric Dorr
Head of Infrastructure

<p>Bernhard Hahn<br/>Teamlead Network Operations Center</p>

Bernhard Hahn
Teamlead Network Operations Center

<p>Alexander Claude<br/>Systems Engineer</p>

Alexander Claude
Systems Engineer

<p>Robert Finze<br/>Network Operations Engineer</p>

Robert Finze
Network Operations Engineer

<p>Sebastian Pfaff<br/>Senior Systems Engineer</p>

Sebastian Pfaff
Senior Systems Engineer

<p>Kay Schroeder<br/>Senior Network Engineer</p>

Kay Schroeder
Senior Network Engineer

<p>Annette Wilderotter<br/>Network Operations Engineer</p>

Annette Wilderotter
Network Operations Engineer

Marketing & PR

<p>Carolin Geib<br/>Senior Manager Global Events</p>

Carolin Geib
Senior Manager Global Events

<p>Andrea Haberland<br/>Global Manager Digital Marketing</p>

Andrea Haberland
Global Manager Digital Marketing

<p>Juha-Pekka Ojala<br/>Marketing Manager</p>

Juha-Pekka Ojala
Marketing Manager

<p>Carsten Titt<br/>Senior Manager Global Public Relations<br/></p>

Carsten Titt
Senior Manager Global Public Relations

<p>Michael Vasseur<br/>Senior Manager Global Marketing</p>

Michael Vasseur
Senior Manager Global Marketing

Office Management

<p>Anne-Katrin Arnold<br/>Office Manager</p>

Anne-Katrin Arnold
Office Manager

<p>Ania Spierling<br/>Office Manager</p>

Ania Spierling
Office Manager

Products & Research

<p>Christoph Dietzel<br/>Head of Products &amp; Research</p>

Christoph Dietzel
Head of Products & Research

<p>Mathias Handsche<br/>Global Senior Product Manager</p>

Mathias Handsche
Global Senior Product Manager

<p>Daniel Kopp<br/>Researcher<br/><br/></p>

Daniel Kopp

<p>Andreas Laudwein<br/>Senior Network Architect</p>

Andreas Laudwein
Senior Network Architect

<p>Ingo Voss<br/>Project Manager</p>

Ingo Voss
Project Manager

<p>Dr.-Ing. Matthias Wichtlhuber<br/>Researcher<br/></p>

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Wichtlhuber

Software Development

Jesus Alvarado

Jesus Alvarado
Software Engineer

<p>Benedikt Rudolph<br/>Software Engineer<br/></p>

Benedikt Rudolph
Software Engineer

<p>Yorck Przybilla<br/>Software Engineer</p>

Yorck Przybilla
Software Engineer

Strategic Development & Consultancy Services

Rosa Hafezi

Rosa Hafezi
Group Senior Legal Counsel

Web Development

<p>Benjamin Buettrich<br/>Head of Web Development</p>

Benjamin Buettrich
Head of Web Development

<p>Alexander Summa<br/>Senior Software Developer</p>

Alexander Summa
Senior Software Developer