DE-CIX Apollon: Cutting edge interconnection

The DE-CIX Apollon platform was created to manage the continuous and enormous increase in customers and data traffic at DE-CIX's interconnection platforms.

To effectively keep on top of this substantial traffic growth, DE-CIX created the world’s largest and most advanced Ethernet-based platform.

100GE, 400GE and 800GE level

DE-CIX Apollon is built on the best possible platform components, delivering high-availability peering with full 100G, 400G and even 800G Ethernet capabilities. DE-CIX Apollon utilizes state-of-the-art DWDM equipment and is built on a switching layer supported by Nokia (former Alcatel-Lucent) service routers, which support up to 1440x100 Gigabit Ethernet ports or up to 288x400 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The setup of the platform is completely redundant and there is 24/7/365 fault monitoring in place.

The DE-CIX Apollon platform is in service at all DE-CIX Internet Exchanges, except Berlin, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Internet Exchanges in India.

Interconnection platform Edge
DE-CIX edge
Interconnection platform Patchpanel 2
DE-CIX patchpanel
Interconnection Plattform Verkabelung
Interconnection platform Patchpanel 3

DE-CIX Apollon platform Frankfurt

In Frankfurt, DE-CIX Apollon was implemented in 2013. Today, the platform utilizes the ADVA Optical Networking FSP 3000 and Infinera CloudExpress 2 gear for the optical backbone, and Nokia’s 7950 XRS series and Nokia’s 7750 SR-s series for the IP network. The optical backbone has a total capacity of 48 Terabits per second across a mesh-network topology and provides transport speeds of up to 8 Terabits per second per fiber. 

World-leading density of ports

The Nokia 7950 XRS and Nokia 7750 SR-s support a world-leading port density of up to 1440x100 Gigabit Ethernet ports or up to 288x400 Gigabit Ethernet ports. In Frankfurt, three XRS-40 edge switches, which combine two XRS-20 chassis back-to-back, and two SR14s edge switches are in service and deliver hundreds of 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 400 Gigabit Ethernet ports each.

DE-CIX Apollon is built on four supernodes, each of which is a combination of an ADVA Optical Networking and an Infinera optical node, a Nokia edge switch, and a Nokia core switch.

Three to one redundancy

DE-CIX Apollon delivers a three to one redundancy: all four cores are live, one only for redundancy.