Be where your customers need you. The DE-CIX FlexPOP service offers carriers the chance to use DE-CIX's infrastructure as if it was their own: At every DE-CIX PoP, carriers can create virtual PoPs, allowing them to increase their on-net coverage without the need to invest in their own expensive infrastructure. 


Add PoPs to your backbone without expensive Capex or Opex investments.

Minimize unused prepaid transport inventory.

One business day provisioning time.

If a carrier is not present at a location where a customer wants to buy carrier services, the carrier loses business. The potential customer chooses the competition, as provisioning time and transport costs to get to the carrier's backbone are too high. Adding new PoPs usually takes too long and is expensive. With DE-CIX FlexPOP, you can connect to your customer from/at any DE-CIX PoP, without needing to build up your own PoP.

There are no pre-defined rate limitations on transport to/between the DE-CIX PoPs, and after one procurement process (access & service bundle), you have full control of the infrastructure and can use it and setup as many FlexPOP connections as you need, up to the booked capacity (provisioning time max. 1 working day; the B-side only needs an access at DE-CIX).

On-net at 50+ PoPs in Germany, on the Iberian Peninsula and in France

With its extensive infrastructure in metro regions like Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, or Dusseldorf, DE-CIX is the perfect partner for carriers to extend their backbone. The service is available in two independent infrastructure zones: In the German market, where carriers can get instant access to 50+ PoPs, and on the Iberian Peninsula and France; at DE-CIX Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, and Marseille.

If you have any questions about our FlexPOP service, please contact us