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Annual Report 2023

2023 in numbers

+50% cloud connections. 

+16.4% connected networks.

59 exabytes data traffic globally.

Ivo Ivanov
Ivo Ivanov, Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board, DE-CIX

A message from the CEO

2023 was, in many ways, a watershed year. Breakthroughs in the areas of generative AI and Quantum Computing, among others, have resulted in a rapidly changing technology landscape with enormous potential for societal and economic benefits. These benefits will be reaped by companies and organizations that take a strategic approach to their digital infrastructure, their data, and their data journey.

At the center of these developments is the digital infrastructure industry. It is more essential than ever before that the data center and network operators of the world, the hardware manufacturers, and the interconnection experts work together to pave the way for this future growth.

The DE-CIX Annual Report 2023 shows how this is already happening and our contribution to ongoing infrastructure development.

Double-digit growth

We continued to enjoy strong double-digit growth in all areas in 2023. Connected networks across the entire DECIX ecosystem grew to over 3600, while connected customer capacity rose to 140.98 terabits, an increase of 14%.

Traffic continued to grow strongly, with DE-CIX Frankfurt crossing the 16 terabits per second (Tbit/s) mark, and with four further IXs now in the “1Tbps club” – Dallas, New York, Madrid, and Mumbai. Peak peering traffic across the global platform reached a high of 22.36 Tbit/s, up 19% on 2022 levels.

A total of 59 exabytes of data traffic was transferred over the global platforms in 2023, year on year growth of 23%.

Circumnavigating the planet

In the last twelve years, we have added 50 markets globally – international expansion starting with Dubai in 2022 and spreading out around the world from there. By the end of 2023, we had expanded our reach to 54 markets, including DE-CIX owned and operated Internet Exchanges and Cloud Exchanges, partner-owned IXs operated under the DE-CIX-as-a-Service (DaaS) model, and strategic partnerships with other IX operators.

2023 marks DE-CIX’s circumnavigation of the planet: Our global backbone now traverses the globe, interconnecting the vast majority of our locations across the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.

Download the Annual Report 2023 to get an overview of our market position, our strategic outlook, and the milestones we achieved in 2023.

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The annual report 2021 looks back on the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic – a year during which the world began to stabilize into the “new normal”. The insatiable demand for digital applications and data-driven services was further boosted by the transformation that has occurred in the last couple of years – a steady process of digitalization, of optimization of workflows, of the expansion of methods of communication and entertainment, and the increasingly fine-grained interconnection of the planet.

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In 2019, milestones were achieved for many of our exchanges, and DE-CIX Frankfurt continued its success by breaking its own peak traffic world record. As well as entering the South East Asian market, our team was busy around the world, extending the reach of existing locations, setting up further enabled sites and access sites, and developing new services. On our 25th birthday year, we can see that the Internet and the digital infrastructures on which it is based have come of age.

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In 2018 the DE-CIX world kept growing and responding to our customers’ needs and demands. We further broadened our interconnection footprint with the aim of making interconnection as easy as possible for our customers, wherever they need it. We therefore focused on both new services and new locations in 2018. The success of this interconnection strategy was demonstrated in the considerable growth in customer numbers, connected customer capacity, and turnover. 

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DE-CIX annual report 2017

In the 2017 financial year, DE-CIX successfully maintained its position as the world leader in operating Internet Exchanges. Consolidated total turnover across all parts of the company rose by 9 percent from 2016 to reach 31.8 million Euro. The DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America, which now total 13 worldwide, saw consolidated customer growth of almost 14 percent in 2017 and meanwhile serve more than 1,500 customers from over 100 countries.

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DE-CIX Management GmbH has experienced a successful year 2015 – both in its home market of Germany as well as in its international subsidiaries – with high growth rates in customer numbers, reseller partners, and data traffic. In particular, a spectacular increase in data traffic over the Frankfurt exchange (43 percent up on 2014 figures) and in connected capacity (up 44 percent) show a direct correlation with the popularity of 100GE ports, where sales having more than doubled in 2015.

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