webinar series

Networking basics

This webinar series is all about how the Internet works. It is aimed at beginners in computer networking and people entering the Internet industry. Watch the videos to learn about Ethernet, VLANS, IP, routing and much more. Each video comes with a downloadable handout.

01 Introduction to networks

In the first 30-minute webinar, we take a look at how networks transport data, what is a protocol, what is a protocol stack, and how does the Internet fit in in all of this.

02 Ethernet

In this 30-minute video, Wolfgang Tremmel talks about Ethernet, its history, development over time, and how modern Ethernet functions. You can also download the presentation slides which include further reading material.

02a Ethernet & VLANs

In this video we talk more about Ethernet as well as VLANs – why they are useful, how they work, and show you how, in theory, to set them up.

02b Ethernet, VLANs, and QinQ

Following up from Ethernet and VLANs webinar, Wolfgang Tremmel will talk about QinQ VLAN double tagging. Not very basic networking but very specific for DE-CIX.

Networking basics 02b QinQ

03 The Internet Protocol (IP)

What is a protocol, a protocol stack, and how does IP fit in? Additionally, in this video you will learn about the IPv4 and IPv6 headers, IP addresses, and the history of IP.

03a IP addresses, prefixes, and routing

Deeper dive to IP addresses and end-to-end transport, covering routing and prefixes.

Networking basics 3a cover

03b Global IP routing

What is peering and why are Internet Exchanges important? And how does the global IP routing work? Watch this 15min video to find out.

Networking basics 03b video cover

04a User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

Learn about the transport layer, protocols and get a deep dive into UDP. 

Networking basics 04a cover

04b Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

Learn about TCP – what is does, how it works, and the different features it has. 

Networking basics 04c cover

04c Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

Find out about ICMP and why it is needed.

Networking basics video cover 04c

05 Unicast, broadcast, multicast, and anycast

Learn about the different types of communication in networking. 

06a Domain Name System (DNS)

Find out how DNS came about and how it makes the Internet work.