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Online games are real-time applications and require short latency times – every millisecond counts. A few years ago, this was not possible in the Middle East, as data that had been generated locally had to be forwarded through Internet Exchanges in Europe. As a result, the gaming industry in the Middle East had to face high latencies and the players a bad experience. Then, a collaboration between – a leading hosting platform for the gaming industry – and DE-CIX, as the operator of the UAE-IX Internet Exchange in Dubai, opened new worlds for these frustrated users.

Reduction in latency by 80%

The partnership led to huge latency improvements. With a local PoP and the usage of the GlobePEER service at UAE-IX, could reduce latency by up to 80%. The GlobePEER service in Dubai ensured the technical capabilities that were needed to offer high-performance online video games. Consequently, online gamers in the Middle East are more satisfied. In 2020, customers were able to reach more than 80% of end users in the Middle East, including almost all countries  in the Persian Gulf, via local network connections.

A gaming ecosystem

The gaming market is booming and the number of providers using the network in the Gulf region has grown immensely. This gaming ecosystem is being further developed and expanded as a result of demands from the gamer scene – who now get new games immediately offered in their own Arabic localization upon release, and hosted directly by in the region.

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