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Low latency, high availability 


Borusan's successful cloud strategy

Back in 2018 Borusan – a leading industrial conglomerate in Turkey – took a decision to invest in a cloud architecture, and several cloud services were chosen to digitally transform the company’s processes. To optimize network performance and to meet the need for high availability, Borusan decided to use DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD service provided by Vodafone Business.

Latency reduced by almost 60%

Before using DirectCLOUD, the company relied on a site-to site virtual private network (VPN) or the Internet to access the Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem. This led to a high latency and accessing the cloud via the Internet meant that the infrastructure could not offer high levels of security for critical scenarios, such as applications used at the production sites.

With DirectCLOUD, Borusan obtained a dedicated connection from their colocation space in Istanbul to DE-CIX Frankfurt, and from there to their facilities in Amsterdam. The benefits are significant: Network performance improved by 51% and latency decreased by almost 60%, down from 100ms to around 40-45ms!

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