Mexico City

Low-latency connectivity in the capital of Mexico

Mexico City, with the highest GDP by state in Mexico, is the traditional data center location with a growing telecommunications market and digital economy. Initially, DE-CIX Mexico City is being hosted in multiple KIO data centers. The Internet Exchange offers modern enterprise-grade interconnection services, such as cloud connectivity services, as well as peering.

Localizing content, clouds, and applications

Strategically located along the submarine cable routes between North and South America, and enjoying terrestrial connectivity to the US, Mexico is well positioned to capitalize on the network density and diversity of its northern neighbor, allowing content, applications, and clouds to be localized to serve the growing needs for low-latency connectivity. DE-CIX's locations in Mexico are directly connected with each other and to DE-CIX Dallas, embedding them in both the North American and global ecosystem and providing access to thousands of networks.