31 January 2023

Top strategic technology trends for 2023 – a report from Gartner® research

This report is no longer available. Please find the latest complimentary Gartner® reports here.

Top strategic technology trends for 2023

The past few years have changed the way of working. The economic turbulence is adding further pressure to find new forms of efficiency and pioneer new business models. This affects all companies, from small to large enterprises. Everyone is feeling the pressure.

Optimize, scale, and pioneer

Our complimentary report "Top strategic technology trends 2023", from Gartner® research, offers insights for IT leaders to help their organizations withstand pressure and thrive.

The main themes and objectives from Gartner® are:

  • Optimize operational sustainability
  • Scale productivity and customer value
  • Pioneer productizing individualism

Sustainability by default

These themes introduce different technologies – from the "digital immune system" to cloud platforms, to the metaverse. According to Gartner®, “every technology investment will also need to be set off against its impact on the environment, keeping future generations in mind”. The “sustainable by default” objective supports each of the identified strategic technologies.

Gartner® has chosen these trends for their combined effect as they build and reinforce one another to help you to meet the priorities of your business in the coming year.

Download the report now to learn how to stay ahead of the curve in 2023.