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2 May 2024

Now available: AWS Direct Connect with 25 Gbps hosted connection capacities

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AWS Direct Connect now supports 25 Gbps hosted connection capacity. Until recently, hosted connections supported capacities only from 50 Mbps through to 10 Gbps, but now 25 Gbps hosted connection capacity will unlock new possibilities for customers.

Accelerate workload deployments

The higher bandwidth connectivity offers significant capabilities and advantages for various use cases. Enterprises with demanding networking requirements and data intensive workloads, such as AI and machine learning, big data analytics or media rendering, can now achieve optimal performance, reliability, and scalability in their cloud environments.

Example use cases for high-bandwidth connections include:

Data streaming: Ensure minimal latency and optimal performance for ingesting and processing data streams in AWS for applications that rely on real-time data processing, such as IoT platforms, streaming analytics, or financial trading systems.

Hybrid cloud architectures: Benefit from reliable connectivity between data centers and AWS, ensuring seamless integration and data synchronization. Ideal for companies with hybrid cloud architectures, where they maintain a combination of on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

Backup and disaster recovery: Accelerate data replication and backup processes by efficiently replicating on-premises data to AWS for disaster recovery purposes. Or implement backup solutions such as AWS Storage Gateway.

Distributed applications: Establish high-speed connectivity between regional deployments and on-premises infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for globally distributed workloads.

AI and machine learning: Kickstart your AI journey by taking advantage of AWS AI and machine learning services, such as Amazon SageMaker or Amazon Rekognition. Benefit from fast data ingestion, model training, and inference, enabling faster time-to-insight and enhanced AI capabilities.

Performant connectivity also between clouds

DE-CIX is one of the select AWS Direct Connect Partners that offer 25 Gbps capacity hosted connections. Using our DirectCLOUD service, you can connect your existing network infrastructure with AWS, bypassing the Internet. If you simply need cloud-to-cloud connectivity, you can also use the DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER for direct, secure, performant connectivity between public clouds, without the need to deploy or manage your own physical hardware.