8 June 2022

New transport partner for DE-CIX Dallas

Dallas header

We are happy to announce a new transport partner for DE-CIX Dallas: LOGIX Fiber Networks. LOGIX is the largest fiber network provider in Texas serving more than 3,000 enterprise buildings and nearly 100 data centers throughout the state. Their customers can now gain turnkey access to DE-CIX Dallas, and via the DE-CIX GlobePEER Remote service to our other locations in North America and beyond and reach thousands of networks.

No additional cross connect fees

Transport partners offer a very fast time to market as they already have an interconnection to DE-CIX. Once you’ve placed your order with one of our transport partners like LOGIX, they will provision your connection without any additional cross connect costs or third-party fee, considerably lowering the costs of peering and other interconnection services.

Serving the entire Southwest region

The partnership with LOGIX is another step forward in allowing DE-CIX Dallas to serve the entire Southwest region, not just networks with PoPs in Dallas. DE-CIX Dallas provides an array of network optimization and security capabilities for ISPs, content providers, enterprises, educational and research institutions and more. Now enabled through LOGIX, we look forward to welcoming even more networks to our quickly growing ecosystem.