27 April 2023

New Service Insights System: More service stats now available in the DE-CIX portal

SISR new stats
The distribution of communication partner router IPs at DE-CIX within your traffic, access ports, and (anonymized) origin/destination IPs.

We have just introduced a beta version of the redesigned Service Insights System in the DE-CIX portal. The new statistics will run in parallel to the current statistics but will in time substitute the old ones.

The new statistics will give you deeper insights into the utilization of your access ports and services. The new features include:

  • Multiple insights for ingress and egress traffic
  • Traffic metrics showing flow traffic with communication partners
  • Top talker metrics
  • Top 50 analytics pie charts
  • Telemetry of your access ports and services
  • Transceiver RX/TX optical values
  • Resellers can view metrics of their customers’ access ports

Also coming soon are DDoS mitigations statistics.

SISR new stats
Access port traffic and utilization statistics

Log into the portal to see your statistics

To view the new statistics, log into the portal, and choose “Insights” from the top navigation menu. 

If you cannot see the new service insight statistics, or have trouble logging into the portal, please contact the DE-CIX Customer Service team, who will be able to help you.

If you do not have an account for the DE-CIX portal, please reach out to our Customer Service team to get you set up.