21 March 2024

Direct connection to the Google Cloud Platform


The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) brings together innovations across Google and offers a broad portfolio of tools from business-critical digital infrastructures to artificial intelligence / machine learning, and developer tools.

But being in the cloud is not enough – you also need to think about connectivity to and from it: Google Cloud Partner Interconnect via DE-CIX offers private, secure connectivity to the cloud, bypassing the Internet.

What is Google Cloud Partner Interconnect

Connecting to GCP via Internet based connections means that in areas where and when the Internet is not reliable or secure, business will experience downtime, disruptions, and potential risks. The Internet offers “best-effort” service and was not designed to support the connectivity that business critical data flows and apps need today.

Google Cloud Partner Interconnect is high-bandwidth connectivity between your on-premises network and the Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network through a supported service provider like DE-CIX. It allows you to bypass the public Internet when you route traffic – taking fewer hops and resulting in fewer points of potential failure. And you can scale up your connection capacity on demand to meet your specific business needs.

The Google Cloud Platform at your doorstep

At DE-CIX, our service DirectCLOUD incorporates Google Cloud Partner Interconnect. Connecting to GCP with DirectCLOUD, you can forget high latency, long provisioning times, and security issues. Through our partnership with Google, DE-CIX can offer secure, high-performance connectivity to GCP from all major DE-CIX locations globally. Our partners can also help to make GCP available wherever needed, including at on-premise enterprise locations and in private data centers.