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9 April 2024

DE-CIX renews platinum sponsorship of PeeringDB

PeeringDB platinum sponsor

DE-CIX is this year once again proudly sponsoring PeeringDB. The database is a non-profit, community-driven initiative run and promoted by volunteers for the growth and good of the Internet.

PeeringDB was set up to facilitate peering between networks and peering coordinators. The platform has developed to keep up with the speed at which the Internet is growing, and now includes all types of interconnection data for networks, clouds, and services. The data in PeeringDB facilitates finding and connecting with other networks, while supporting a faster and more decisive deployment of your own network expansion and development plans.

Keep your PeeringDB entry up-to-date

If you need to set up peerings with networks that do not peer on DE-CIX route servers, the PeeringDB records allow you to research who to contact at each company and what their peering policy is. We highly recommend that all networks that peer at the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges keep their PeeringDB entry up-to-date.