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4 May 2023

DE-CIX Oslo and Kristiansand are now ready for service

DE-CIX Norway Launch Event

Our newest Internet Exchanges – in Oslo and in Kristiansand, Norway – are now ready for service. We celebrated the launch in Oslo with our partner BULK Infrastructure Group AS, Norway's leader in building and operating sustainable digital infrastructure, data centers, colocation, fiber networks, and industrial real estate.

A complete interconnection package

To start with, the new Internet Exchanges are now available in the BULK data centers in Oslo (OS-IX) and Kristiansand (Campus N01). The platforms offer peering and cloud connectivity services for companies of all sizes to manage their cloud strategies and gain control of their data beyond the “public” Internet. Our InterconnectionFLEX service will give customers access a complete interconnection package, and the GlobePEER Nordics peering service combines local peering with regional peering covering all the DE-CIX Nordics locations and DE-CIX Hamburg.

DE-CIX’s new locations in Norway will act as digital hubs for regional connectivity, enabling local networks low-latency interconnection and the localization of global content, while increasing network stability, scalability, and security. We are excited to enter this new region, which is one of world’s most highly developed digital markets.