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25 November 2021

DE-CIX India: The fastest growing interconnection platform

DE-CIX India has been named as the fastest-growing interconnection platform by the Global Achievers Awards 2021.

The annual award was presented by the Indian Achievers’ Forum. This platform which engages in developing and sharing ideas, opinions and knowledge on the key issues around social and economic infrastructural development in and around the country.

Increasing demand for interconnection

There are over 460 networks connected to DE-CIX India, and the Mumbai location is the largest Internet Exchange in the Asia Pacific according to PeeringDB’s ranking. The demand for interconnection and bandwidth in India has grown significantly. The country has experienced huge changes in data traffic – our exchanges on the subcontinent have seen an increase in overall data traffic of more than 20 percent compared to the time before the Covid-19 pandemic.

DE-CIX India operates digital infrastructure with fibre optic cables, which ensures a secure, resilient and smooth interconnection between connected networks.