23 May 2023

ACIX is ready for service

ACIX ready for service

Together with the NGO Internet pour tous and partner UNITED S.A., an Internet connectivity provider, we are excited to announce the launch of ACIX (Africa Congo Internet Exchange) in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). ACIX is Africa's first regional interconnection hub and it is hosted by UNITED and managed by Internet pour tous, with DE-CIX operating it under our DE-CIX as a Service program.

ACIX is already onboarding the first networks. By bringing together DE-CIX's expertise in building Internet Exchanges and UNITED's experience in African connectivity, ACIX aims to address the underserved market in the DRC, where Internet usage is growing rapidly but faces challenges of high connectivity costs and limited interconnection services.

Enhanced Internet accessibility

Kinshasa's strategic location as a hub between the Atlantic and Indian Ocean regions positions ACIX as a connectivity corridor across equatorial Africa, reducing latency for data exchange and content hosting. The collaboration between DE-CIX, 'Internet pour tous', and UNITED aims to unleash the potential of the DRC's emerging digital economy and enhance Internet accessibility for companies and individuals.