17 January 2023

48 exabytes of data traffic

Data Center

2022 was another year that DE-CIX Internet Exchanges saw a significant increase in data traffic. Our measurements show a total of more than 48 exabytes (EB) of data exchanged at our exchanges across the world – an increase of over 25% from 2021.

370 million smartphones worth of data

48 EB is the storage capacity of more than 370 million smartphones (each with 128 GB of storage). That is more than one phone for every person living in the US. Or data volume of a nearly 1.8-million-year-long video stream in HD quality. Or a 5.5-million-year-long video call.

More data, more interconnection

More and more data is being generated and transmitted over the Internet every year. And there is no end to this trend. DE-CIX’s ecosystem is also growing: In 2022 we announced 11 new locations, and we now offer interconnection services in more than 40 metro-markets in Europe, Africa, North America, the Middle East, and Asia. Simultaneously, traffic at our largest established IXs, such as in Frankfurt, Mumbai, New York, and Madrid, is growing