29 August 2023

Dual launch celebrations for DE-CIX India: 5th interconnection platform in Hyderabad and expanded presence in Delhi

Mumbai, 29th August, 2023DE-CIX India, the leading carrier neutral Interconnection Platform, is pleased to announce the successful launch of its 5th Interconnection Platform at the STT Hyderabad data center on August 23, 2023. On the same day, DE-CIX India additionally unveiled a cutting-edge Point of Presence (PoP) at NTT Noida in Delhi, bringing the company’s presence in the city to five PoPs and signaling a significant step forward in improving digital connectivity across India.

DE-CIX’s Interconnection Platform in Hyderabad introduces a new era of interconnection possibilities. By providing a dynamic platform for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), content providers, cloud services, and networks to seamlessly interconnect, this exchange accelerates data exchange, fostering rapid digital transformation across the region. Designed with scalability and robustness in mind, DE-CIX's advanced Interconnection Platform in Hyderabad paves the way for a more connected future.

Mr. Sudhir Kunder, Chief Business Officer of DE-CIX India, expressed his excitement about these advancements, stating, “The date of August 23, 2023, represents a notable confluence of accomplishments. As we commemorate the achievement of Chandrayaan 3's successful landing, which exemplifies India's steadfast dedication to exploration, we are equally pleased to declare the launch of our 5th Interconnection Platform in Hyderabad and 5th PoP in Delhi”.

Complementing this expansion is the expansion of the DE-CIX Delhi Interconnection Platform through the establishment of a PoP at NTT Noida. Bringing the DE-CIX Delhi presence now to 5 data centers, this PoP is strategically positioned to enhance redundancy, improve network resilience, and facilitate efficient connectivity options. With advanced infrastructure and meticulous design, the PoP optimises data flow and ensures seamless communication between networks, contributing to a more reliable and high-performance digital ecosystem.

DE-CIX India's growth is aligned with the Indian government's vision of a digitally empowered nation, as encapsulated in the Digital India initiative. The expansions in Hyderabad and Delhi provide a strong foundation for the country's digital aspirations and contribute to the overarching goal of a digitally connected society.