Microsoft Azure Peering Service: Your key to M365 private connectivity

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Presented by DE-CIX and Microsoft

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This 30-minute webinar details how your enterprise can improve its connectivity to M365 using Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS). 

During this webinar you will find out:

  • What is the MAPS service and what problems does it solve for Microsoft users?
  • How does MAPS compare with Express Route?
  • What are the security and performance benefits of MAPS?

MAPS was developed together by DE-CIX and Microsoft to provide highly reliable and optimized Internet connectivity to Microsoft's software as a service clouds. MAPS improves user experience by offering the shortest network path from your premises to the nearest edge PoP in the Microsoft network.

This webinar is aimed at all enterprise businesses but is specifically designed for IT Directors, Heads of IT Infrastructure, Cloud Architects, Network Engineers and others looking to improve the speed and security of their connection to M365.


Somesh Chaturmohta Microsoft

Somesh Chaturmohta
Principal Software Engineer Manager,

Calla Chun Microsoft

Calla Chun
Program Manager, 
Azure Networking,

Harald Kriener

Harald Kriener
Director of Business Development,
Cloud & Enterprise Services, DE-CIX

Peter Urbick

Peter Urbick
Senior VP Marketing,