About DE-CIX

Corporate IT Security

The Corporate IT Security department at DE-CIX takes care of IT security-related topics in general. This includes abuse management and IT security compliance.

Abuse management

We take service quality very seriously at DE-CIX. This includes taking care of any form of peering service abuse.

If you are under the impression that a suspicious activity at one of DE-CIX Internet Exchanges is occurring that you want to have discussed and examined, please contact us. The focus of this department is to handle complaints for which no evidence currently exists and for which further investigation is needed. The investigation is conducted as confidentially as possible, and the number of people involved is kept to a minimum.

IT security compliance

A working Internet infrastructure is a key element in today’s social and economic world. Due to its importance for the Internet, DE-CIX is classified as an operator of essential services. To fulfil the requirements of an essential service, DE-CIX defines three main security goals which apply to all data which is handled by its systems:  

  • confidentiality,
  • integrity, and
  • availability.

Since 2010, DE-CIX achieves these goals with its security management system that is ISO 27001 certified based on BSI baseline protection ("BSI IT Grundschutz").

The Corporate IT Security department manages internally the processes based on the ISO 27001 BSI baseline protection and makes sure any operational IT security task in this context is carried out according to the defined procedures.

Help us become more secure

If you find any security related issues on our website, you can report them to us with the form below.