How to decide where to peer

Peering offers many benefits, and in general, looking at both quality and costs, it makes sense to peer. But at which Internet Exchange? This question pops up soon after you’ve decided to peer. 

Does the exchange have the networks you need

Connecting to an Internet Exchange makes sense when you can exchange a lot of traffic there and/or you have important traffic you need to make sure will be delivered with as few hops as possible. 

If you know which ASN you need, you can search for the ASN or the company name in the search field. Just put in the ASN number, e.g. 15169, and you will get the connected networks lists of the DE-CIX exchanges where that network peers. Please note that the search does not cover the exchanges in Athens, Berlin, Dubai, Kinshasa, Lagos, Ruhr region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Internet Exchanges in India. You can find the customer list of each of our exchanges on respective location page.

If the network you need is not available yet, just let us know which network you need; we will try to make it available. If the desired network is available at several exchanges, extend your search to other networks you need to decide which exchange is best for you. 

Is the exchange reliable and able to serve your future needs

Building up the infrastructure and equipment to peer at an exchange is not something you do every month anew. It is a long-term investment and therefore the exchange you choose should be able to deliver not only a list of networks, but a long-term and high-quality service environment and network ecosystem you can rely on and grow with.

At DE-CIX’s exchanges, we deliver you such a peering ecosystem. We guarantee that we are constantly growing the customer base, and that we are developing our services to help you grow and monetize your access to DE-CIX. We get you up and running within a few working days, and upgrades are possible anytime, seamlessly. DE-CIX customer service is outstanding in helping our customers in any regard, and our Apollon infrastructure is future-proof. DE-CIX is a long-term reliable partner which invests constantly in the interconnection infrastructure and its service quality while always remaining on financially solid ground. 

Still not sure where to peer? Talk to other peering managers

Although at every DE-CIX exchange more than 80% of the connected networks are available instantly via the DE-CIX route servers, peering is still a people business. Networking with other peering managers is an indispensable component to successful peering, which is why DE-CIX hosts a lot of networking events and is present at a lot of industry events so that you can talk to us and to peering managers who peer at our exchanges. Join us and let’s talk about peering!

And if you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.