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Join the fastest-growing Internet Exchange in New York

DE-CIX New York is the 5th largest Internet Exchange in the US and the number one in the Northeast. DE-CIX New York is Open-IX certified and carrier and data center-neutral. It operates more access points than any other Internet Exchange in North America.

Why you should peer in New York

Get access to Comcast, America’s largest Cable TV and Internet service provider

With the DE-CIX DirectROUTES service, you can get direct access to high-quality networks with a restrictive peering policy. Even with small bandwidth requirements, we can offer you direct access to those networks, just via an additional VLAN. No additional contract negotiations are required, and we offer you flexible bandwidth and cancellation terms. Learn more.

Peer at additional DE-CIX locations just via an additional VLAN 

With your access at DE-CIX New York, you can not only peer with the connected networks in New York. With the GlobePEER Remote service, you can peer remotely with the networks connected at multiple other DE-CIX locations. More than 1000 networks with just one connection. Have a look at the available exchanges and networks.

A world-class, open Internet exchange is long overdue. With DE-CIX’s arrival, New York will have the vital infrastructure that not only makes the Internet work, but keeps it open and free. DE-CIX New York is a game changer. 

Andrew Blum, New York-Based Technology Journalist and Author of “Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet”