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Join the first neutral exchange in Dallas

DE-CIX Dallas is Open-IX certified and carrier and data center-neutral, the first truly neutral Internet Exchange in Dallas. Its neutrality guarantees you to reach networks from different data center operators with just one cross connect.

The IX will expand to additional locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth metro region over time.

A connection in Dallas saves you

Connect in Dallas via a DE-CIX partner

In Dallas, you can connect to DE-CIX via a reseller or a transport partner. As they already have an interconnection to DE-CIX, connecting via them gives you a fast time to market. Once you have placed your order with them, they will provision your connection without any additional cross connect costs. Find out where and how to connect.

Get access to Comcast, America’s largest Cable TV and Internet service provider

With the DE-CIX DirectROUTES service, you can get direct access to high-quality networks with a restrictive peering policy. Even with small bandwidth requirements, we can offer you direct access to those networks, just via an additional VLAN. No additional contract negotiations are required, and we offer you flexible bandwidth and cancellation terms. Learn more.