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Premium interconnection in the US

DE-CIX's first interconnection platform in the United States was opened in 2013 in New York. In 2016, the second interconnection platform in Dallas opened its gates.

Bringing the European Internet Exchange model to the US

With its interconnection platforms, DE-CIX exports the European Internet Exchange model to North America. The main difference to existing IXs in the US: DE-CIX's platforms are distributed over several data centers and offer more access points than other IXs. More access points means more opportunities for networks to join; this multiplies interconnection opportunities.

DE-CIX North America

Both DE-CIX New York and DE-CIX Dallas are operated by DE-CIX North America Inc. The company was created to actively pursue the establishment of independent Internet Exchanges on the North American continent. 

Specific information for OIX compliance

A list of government information requests and the action taken on them will be posted to this website if legally disclosable. 

DE-CIX North America, with both its New York and Dallas Open-IX certified IX platforms, is helping to drive internet traffic growth in the US, and illustrating the dramatic development of the Internet peering and interconnection market.

Dave Temkin, Founder of the Open-IX™ Association