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Interconnect in St. Petersburg - powered by MSK-IX

Keep local traffic local 

Powered by MSK-IX, DE-CIX St. Petersburg offers a distributed platform to exchange data. If you have a PoP there, peering is the best way to exchange your data directly with the connected networks.

Peer in St. Petersburg from Frankfurt - and vice versa

DE-CIX's GlobePEER Remote service is available between Frankfurt and St. Petersburg: With an access in Frankfurt, you are able to peer at DE-CIX St. Petersburg and reach 100+ Russian and Eastern European networks instantly. With an access in Moscow, you are able to peer at DE-CIX Frankfurt and reach hundreds of global and regional ASNs in Frankfurt

A one-stop-shop for peering

Due to our partnership with MSK-IX, we are able to offer you our peering services in St. Petersburg. If you are interested in peering in St. Petersburg or connecting with your access in Frankfurt to St. Petersburg, please do not hesitate to contact us or request an offer.