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Peering at DE-CIX IXs in Southeast Asia – in Malaysia

After successfully establishing leading Internet Exchanges in Europe, North America, India, and the Middle East, DE-CIX is now taking its experience to Southeast Asia. In partnership with the local Malaysian Internet Exchange provider JBIX, DE-CIX operates two Internet Exchanges in Malaysia - in Kuala Lumpur (ready for service in 2020) and in Johor Bahru, where already more than 40 networks are connected and peer.

One of the world's most dynamic economies

Malaysia is one of the world's most dynamic economies, and it lies right in the heart of Southeast Asia, in the center of a region with a population of more than 600 million people. The inhabitants in the ASEAN region are creating a massive digital demand that needs to be served. Key content and cloud-computing players have already started to extend their footprint in Malaysia.

The two DE-CIX exchanges in Malaysia are the most eastern points in DE-CIX's global interconnection infrastructure, and more are to come on the Malaysian peninsula.