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It's all about interconnection

Once you have access to our platform, no matter from where, you can choose which interconnection services you need in the DE-CIX Service World:

Peering with GlobePEER

DE-CIX offers peering on the most advanced Layer 2 switching platforms in the industry. The GlobePEER service enables networks to peer with hundreds of networks almost instantly via the DE-CIX route servers. The need to negotiate bilateral peering agreements is significantly lower.

Mitigating DDoS attacks with Blackholing

To help our customers mitigate the effects of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against their networks, we offer customer-triggered Blackholing. This service is available at all DE-CIX locations, except Berlin, Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Internet Exchanges in India, and is free of charge.

Peering remotely with GlobePEER Remote

At select locations, customers can peer at an additional DE-CIX location with their existing access. The DE-CIX platforms in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Marseille, Madrid, Lisbon, Palermo, Istanbul, New York, Dallas, and Chicago are interconnected. With access in one of the locations, you can peer remotely at every other one of these locations with GlobePEER Remote.

Accessing cloud services with DirectCLOUD

DE-CIX provides private access to cloud services. This means you can use your existing access to DE-CIX to connect to several cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure via the DE-CIX Apollon platform; just via an additional VLAN to the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange. And if you need flexibility with your cloud connections, try our DirectCLOUD Flex service.

Connecting privately with VirtualPNI 

If networks want to peer privately or connect directly to a network at a different DE-CIX enabled site, they can do so with a VLAN, using the VirtualPNI service. At select locations, ordering a VLAN to a network connected at a different DE-CIX location worldwide is even possible.

Reaching networks with a restrictive peering policy

With DE-CIX DirectROUTES, you can get direct access to high-quality networks with a restrictive peering policy like Comcast, America’s largest Cable TV and Internet service provider, which serves more residential broadband subscribers than any other US provider. Even with small bandwidth requirements, we can offer you direct access to those networks, just via an additional VLAN. No additional contract negotiations are required, and we offer you flexible bandwidth and cancellation terms.

Using the DE-CIX infrastructure as your own

The DE-CIX FlexPOP service offers carriers the chance to use DE-CIX's infrastructure as if it was their own (Infrastructure-as-a-Service, IaaS): At every DE-CIX PoP, carriers can create virtual PoPs, allowing them to increase their on-net coverage without the need to invest in their own expensive infrastructure. 

Exchanging data in Closed User Groups – Microsoft Azure Peering Service

The first dedicated Closed User Group at DE-CIX, used for a certain service, has been established for the Microsoft Azure Peering Service. By exchanging data with Microsoft directly, the service enables a one-hop connection with the highest possible quality regarding security, bandwidth, and latency.

GlobePEER Service graphic

GlobePEER service

GlobePEER Remote service graphic

GlobePEER Remote service 

DirectCLOUD service graphic

DirectCLOUD service

DirectROUTES service graphic

DirectROUTES service