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Change and add clouds daily with DirectCLOUD Flex

You want to connect multiple customers to the cloud with the possibility to set up new connections daily or even hourly? You want to offer test connections to your customers without the hassle of an order process for every single connection? Then the flex option of our DirectCLOUD service is the right choice for you.

As many cloud connections as you want

With DirectCLOUD Flex you order a certain bandwidth (5, 10, or even 100 GE), and up to the ordered bandwidth, you can set up as many cloud connections with bandwidths from 0.01 up to 10 GE as you want. You can set the connections up or cancel them as often as you want, you can add as many new ones as you want every day, as long as all connections together do not exceed the overall ordered bandwidth.

Saving time and effort

Getting rid of the procurement process for every single cloud connection saves you time and effort. And if you want to change the cloud provider, you are not bound to any long contract terms – you just change to the provider you need. With more than 50 clouds in our Cloud Exchange, you can choose a new one every day.

If you have already ordered multiple cloud connections and want to change to the Flex option, please contact us.

DirectCLOUD Flex is currently available at our exchanges in Germany.