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Exchange data directly with selected, trusted partners 

DE-CIX operates the world’s largest and most advanced Ethernet-based platform, and this global interconnection ecosystem creates a perfect environment for dedicated user groups, a service called Closed User Groups.

Closed User Groups deliver seamless and private interconnection of two or more networks on the DE-CIX Apollon platform. The service owner and members of a Closed User Group benefit from an exclusive peering environment which is set apart from the public peering infrastructure. Closed User Groups can either be used for exchanging data only with selected, trusted partners or for a dedicated service.

Where data is the new oil, Closed User Groups are the new oil pipes

Industries today are in the grip of digital transformation. Businesses are shifting from monolithic, on-premise IT systems to platform-based models in which companies take part in ecosystems to share data and intelligence, and assemble solutions with third-party components. While cloud solutions facilitate data storage and handling, interconnection platforms are key for the many-to-many data exchange.   

Be it the automotive, the health care, or retail industry, connectivity needs are increasing, and very often connectivity to a certain, defined partner universe is needed, bypassing the Internet, while simultaneously being accessible everywhere.

Microsoft Azure Peering Service

The first dedicated Closed User Group at DE-CIX, used for a certain service, is the Microsoft Azure Peering Service. By exchanging data with Microsoft directly, the service enables a one-hop connection with the highest possible quality regarding security, bandwidth, and latency. Microsoft customers that are connected via this service can benefit from an Internet telemetry service to monitor their traffic. 

Establishing new Closed User Groups

If you need a trusted, reliable, safe, and secure platform to exchange data with select partners or for specific use cases, bypassing the Internet but directly accessible from multiple interconnected data centers, DE-CIX is the perfect partner for you.

If you are interested in setting up a new Closed User Group, please contact us to discuss your needs.