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Research & Development

The Internet ecosystem is constantly evolving and is subject to rapid development and innovation, driven by a variety of stakeholders. DE-CIX plays an integral role in this ecosystem, as we interconnect hundreds of networks at our Internet Exchanges.

DE-CIX's Research & Development team

A team of researchers and technology experts identifies and tackles challenges. In close cooperation with industrial and academic partners, our Research & Development team works on projects to seek new technical opportunities to further drive innovation in the Internet Exchange market. This includes externally funded projects by the public sector. 

Research focus

We work on adopting novel technology paradigms for developing and designing a next generation Internet Exchange. Current hot topics are:

  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Improvement of inter-domain routing
  • Detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks at IX scale
  • Internet measurements

For the benefit of the IXP community

DE-CIX shares the results with the Internet operational and scientific communities and makes solutions available as open source. We actively contribute to international standardization bodies, e.g., IETF, ENISA, or German industry working group Internet infrastructure.

Current public research projects 

5G Islands
Focus on 5G campus networks

AI-supported DDoS mitigation at Internet Exchanges

Previous public research projects 

Develop next generation IXPs
based on SDN

Big Data Security
Improve Blackholing

Secure ICT-systems with IXP data 

GAIA-X project

Together with other stakeholders, DE-CIX is supporting the GAIA-X project, an ambitious initiative that aims at creating an efficient, secure, and trustworthy data and infrastructure ecosystem in Europe. GAIA-X’s mission is to strengthen digital sovereignty for business, science, government and society by empowering the development of innovation ecosystems.