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DE-CIX Academy videos and webinars

To get most out of your connection to DE-CIX and to learn about variety of interconnection topics, watch our videos and recorded webinars.

What is an AS number?

The video answers questions like what is an AS number and how do I get one. Having an ASN is necessary to peer at an Internet Exchange like DE-CIX.

How to get started with peering

The video shows the very beginning of how to get started with peering: How to upgrade your network from single-homed to multi-homed and peering. 

Networking basics series

This new webinar series is aimed at beginners in computer networking and people entering the industry. We explain how networks transport data and cover topics such as Ethernet, VLANs, and Internet Protocol.

How to get rid of DDoS traffic - Blackholing explained

The Internet is becoming a bigger target than ever for attacks. Attacks will continue to strike, and a single attack can dramatically slow down the Internet. Learn more about  how Blackholing at Internet Exchanges can stop the malicious traffic. 

Learn how to connect to Microsoft Azure using DE-CIX DirectCLOUD

In this recorded webinar Wolfgang Tremmel from DE-CIX Academy explains what our Cloud Exchange service DirectCLOUD is and shows how easy it is to use it to connect to Microsoft Azure

BGP webinar series

If you are a network engineer and want to learn more about Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), this webinar series is for you. Learn about BGP and get examples how to set things up. 

How does Traceroute work?

Learn more about Traceroute and wheter you can rely on it when debugging a problem.