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DE-CIX Academy: Learn from the experts

To help our customers to get the most out of their connection to DE-CIX, we provide online and on-site training and white papers on peering, network interconnection, and related topics.

Videos, webinars, and white papers

The DE-CIX Academy has published videos explaining topics like what an AS number is or how to get started with peering. View more.

In addition, DE-CIX offers papers on the following topics for download: white papers on peering and Blackholing, technical guides on how to connect to different cloud service providers, market spotlights, and market studies on the position of metro markets in the global telecommunications landscape. View more.

DE-CIX Academy seminars

The DE-CIX Academy offers on-site seminars in Frankfurt about various topics. The next available seminars can be found here.

Knowledge Cards

There are Knowledge Cards available about certain BGP related topics that summarize important information. You can get them at our events or download them below:

Future webinars

The next webinars are listed on our upcoming events lists

If you would like to suggest a topic for one of the next webinars, please contact us.

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