DE-CIX and PacketFabric interconnect to enable cross-platform service delivery

PacketFabric, the highly scalable network-as-a-service platform and a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, has established 100Gbps interconnections into DE-CIX's North American platforms.

DE-CIX North America offers multiple Internet Exchange (IX) platforms across major carrier hotels and data centers throughout the New York-New Jersey metro market, and operates the only open and data center-neutral IX in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. The collaboration with PacketFabric will enable DE-CIX to provide peering capabilities to traditionally underserved markets. Moreover, end users can leverage PacketFabric's network to reach DE-CIX services in a flexible, cost-effective manner from any of PacketFabric's on-net locations.

Expanded reach, reduced latency, simplified network connectivity

The highlights of the partnership:

  • PacketFabric expands DE-CIX's reach to additional markets and locations
  • DE-CIX's IX platforms allow customers to specify alternate paths to reduce latency
  • Both DE-CIX and PacketFabric services are backed by stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • PacketFabric's SDN-based platform simplifies the process of sourcing and provisioning network connectivity, while providing access to dynamic bandwidth
  • PacketFabric leverages a RESTful API and intuitive web portal to allow instantaneous provisioning and management of services
  • PacketFabric's any-to-any full mesh Ethernet service offering provides added security and reliability

"The partnership between PacketFabric and DE-CIX allows DE-CIX to expand its Internet Exchange services beyond its current points of presence, and adds yet another crucial service partner to PacketFabric's ever-expanding ecosystem," states William Charnock, CEO of PacketFabric. "This also offers our customers cost-effective access to the DE-CIX platforms from any point on our fabric."

"This collaboration allows PacketFabric customers access to the DE-CIX Internet Exchange platforms, enabling access to multiple types of services across a single port," comments Ed d'Agostino, Vice President, DE-CIX North America. "The relationship helps us continue to deliver the most cost-effective and technically efficient method for interconnection available. Whether it's for Internet, transit or cloud-based connectivity, our North American customers now have more options for effective delivery of all types of data."