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DE-CIX Virtual TechMeeting 2020 – watch the recordings

Watch below the video recordings of the DE-CIX Virtual TechMeeting 2020 that took place on 23 and 24 June. 

Video of the first session 23 June

The first video is of the first session from 23 June and covers a keynote from Harald A. Summa. Thomas King talks about the big developments ahead such as Peering LAN 2.0, and we also share a preview of the new Customer Portal. Andreas Sturm explains how the interconnection ecosystem is growing outside the Rhine-Main region, and finally Prof. Dr. Michael Resch introduces the supercomputer “Hawk”. You can also download the presentations.

Video of the second session 24 June

The second video is recording of the second session that took place on 24 June. In this session, Thomas King explains the Dusseldorf renumbering, and Christoph Dietzel and Bernhard Hahn talk about the impact of Covid-19 on networks and traffic flows. Johannes Moos explains why route servers are fun but also a challenge, and Wolfgang Tremmel gives insights into how DE-CIX Academy and teaching BGP works. Our guest speakers are from Microsoft and CERN: Somesh Chaturmohta talks about how to enhance enterprise cloud connectivity to Microsoft Azure, and Simone Campana gives insights to CERN and its computing strategy. Click here to download the presentations.