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Reach 250+ networks in New York: 
Easy, fast, and with no risk at all

With your existing access at DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Marseille, Palermo, Madrid, Lisbon, or Istanbul you can easily reach more than 250 networks that peer in New York; just by peering over a VLAN on your existing access with our GlobePEER Remote service

Easy and fast

We will take care of all interconnects needed and the access in New York. The service can be delivered within one day, and there are no additional cross connect costs.

You get a fully redundant service, predictable latency and jitter values, and have no extra hardware costs, and no hassle with importing IT equipment. One contact, one bill.

No risk at all

Contract term is only 3 months. You get peering with much better performance and more network control for pricing comparable to IP transit. Give it a try!

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