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A complete interconnection package

Waiting interminably for documents to appear, models and simulations loading painfully slowly, annoying buffering times during video streaming: to function properly, cloud services require a reliable connection. As more and more companies take advantage of multi-cloud services, the need for reliable connections is only increasing. Whereas cloud services are flexible and fast to configure, getting the actual connection can often take a long time and require high investment and commitment to long-term contracts.

Future-proof your business

The demands on an enterprise network are growing exponentially. Numerous cloud-based applications and workloads increase the complexity of connections. Which clouds, networks and data centers does an enterprise need today? What about in five or ten years?

InterconnectionFLEX combines DE-CIX’s best services with comprehensive consulting and support – and sets you up for all your interconnection requirements.

Ask DE-CIX or our partners in our cloud ecosystem, how you can benefit from cloud connectivity.