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Access DE-CIX via DWDM in New York and Dallas

In New York and Dallas, you can access the DE-CIX Apollon platform and connect with a maximum capacity of sixteen 10 GE links over a single cross-connect.

Your benefits

  • Connect multiple 10 GE with just one fiber cross connect
  • Create up to 160 Gbps of capacity for high-bandwidth requirements and better robustness (depends on location)
  • Set-up is free of charge
  • Cost-efficient solution provides for cost savings starting from 20 GE deployments
  • DE-CIX uses widely used and standardized DWDM equipment
  • DE-CIX orders customized optics according to your needs
  • Provisioning time is a maximum of four weeks

What you provide on your side

  • DWDM Mux Unit
  • DWDM Transceiver

The handover from your equipment to the DE-CIX equipment takes place in the Meet-Me Room (MMR).

What equipment DE-CIX recommends – because we use it on our side

If you use other equipment, DE-CIX will work with you to install the solution on your existing platform.