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DE-CIX's top 3 resellers in 2016: RETN, Console and Core-Backbone

DE-CIX's top 3 resellers of 2016 are RETN, Console and Core-Backbone.  Our resellers contributed a great deal to the success of our exchanges in the past year.

Altogether, our resellers brought 70 new peering members to Frankfurt. New York and the new exchanges Madrid, Marseille and Palermo also benefited from the connected resellers and the new peers they brought.

We would like to say thank you to all our resellers for the great job they have done! And, of course, a special thanks goes to the top 3 resellers RETN, Console and CoreBackbone, who connected by far the most networks. 

The DE-CIX reseller program will continue in 2017, and we look forward to a successful cooperation with all our valued resellers in the future!

RETN: Pan-European network with global reach

Over the past few years, RETN has built capacity to enhance its position in the international IP Transit market and has become a prominent player operating a pan-European network with strong presence in Eastern Europe and Russia. 

Due to the partnerships with the world’s leading IXPs such as DE-CIX, RETN started to provide remote peering services, and in just two years grew into the top DE-CIX reseller. 

The year 2016 was marked by the completion of significant projects: the Balkans ring, the launch of TransKZ route, and new PoPs and routes in the DACH region. The business development coincided with the growth of RETN teams in Germany, Netherlands, UK, and Bulgaria aimed to reinforce local support. In 2017, RETN is continuing the extension of the network coverage with additional PoPs throughout Europe. Further expansions to the Far East as a way towards better global connectivity and service delivery supported by the new RETN Hong Kong office are also planned.

The network extensions and company growth will enable RETN to multiply points of connection to remote peering services to DE-CIX and sustain the high level of partnership.

Console Connect:  Building the Cloud Ecosystem 

Console Connect is a leading partner and provider of global direct connect solutions, enabling customers to privately access their business-critical SaaS applications, cloud providers, and partners with the single click of a button. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, the company is the consolidation of IIX and IX Reach, resulting in a global leader in automated cloud connectivity and remote peering.  

In 2010, when DE-CIX launched their reseller program, IX Reach became the first official reseller. Over the past few years, they have connected more than 50 customers to DE-CIX Frankfurt, Dubai, and New York via their reseller ports. In 2015, Console/IX Reach was one of the top 3 DE-CIX resellers.

Console Connect has more than 170 Points of Presence (PoPs) in over 20 countries. 

Core-Backbone: Germany-based carrier with international network

The Germany-based carrier Core-Backbone operates an international, secure, and high-availability network around the world. It is possible to order their services in locations like London, Singapore, and New York. 

The product portfolio includes IP Transit, Layer2 Circuits, Remote Peerings, and premium DDoS Protection. Core-Backbone has cooperated with DE-CIX since 2014 and is one of our Top3 resellers in Frankfurt and New York.

The upgrade of their network to multiple 100G is on the agenda for 2017. Furthermore, establishing more Points-of-Presence in Central Europe, North America, and Asia is planned.

The Core-Backbone Peering Team will take part in several events like the European Peering Forum and Global Peering Forum to spread the idea of peering around the world.