DE-CIX Virtual RoundTable 7 October

Join us online to connect with the interconnection community, have some fun with your peers, and to hear updates on DE-CIX. See the agenda below and register now for the DE-CIX Virtual RoundTable event. This event is in English.


  1. Welcome, house-keeping, and update on the DE-CIX community

    Andreas Sturm
    Chief Business Development Officer

    Marcus Brauckmann
    Manager Business Development

  2. LineCard Reboots – from a problem to a solution 

    Insights from the DE-CIX NOC team

  3. New features of the DE-CIX Portal

    Thomas King
    Chief Technology Officer

  1. TechTalk: 400G backbone infrastructure update, Blackholing Advanced, and IPFIX Exporter

    Thomas King
    Chief Technology Officer

  2. Peering made easy: Live demo of peering-manager.net 

    Wolfgang Tremmel
    Head of DE-CIX Academy

  3. The end