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Strong global turnover and customer growth characterize internationalization

Notching up another successful year at DE-CIX

The DE-CIX world is growing continuously, responding to our customers’ needs and demands. We have further broadened our interconnection footprint with the aim of making interconnection as easy as possible for our customers, wherever they need it. We therefore focused on both new services and new locations in 2018. The success of this interconnection strategy is demonstrated in the considerable growth in customer numbers, connected customer capacity, and turnover. But where did we grow, and why? We followed the traffic flows, which are clearly moving southwards and eastwards, but are also moving closer to the edge everywhere. There can be no digitalization without stable, reliable and secure infrastructure, and at DE-CIX, we strive to always remain at the forefront of the interconnection technology that drives digital transformation. A stable infrastructure enables interconnections between regions, sectors, and digital ecosystems. Read more

Harald A. Summa

Harald Summa
Chief Executive Officer

DE-CIX global growth numbers

Customer growth

The number of connected networks worldwide grew to about 1600, a growth of almost 30 percent

Connected capacity growth

The connected capacity at all DE-CIX Exchanges grew to more than 45 Terabits

100 GE ports growth

The number of active 100 GE ports rose to more than 300, a growth rate of more than 45 percent

Always at the forefront of the digital revolution

DE-CIX’s ever-growing global family of Internet Exchanges brings connectivity to the world, and will continue to provide access to information and digital services to an increasing number of developed and developing markets in all corners of the world. We are at the cusp of a completely new age in global economics, with organizations redefining their activities on the basis of digitalization. While classic network operators are the core of DE-CIX’s customer base, we see a need for new interconnection services for enterprises, paired with cloud connectivity and with global capacity interconnection solutions. Digital markets demand high-performance, flexible, and customized interconnection, and DE-CIX will offer this flexibility in terms of different interconnection models and different types of capacity needs, such as peering, cloud connectivity, security services, and many more. Our goal is to improve the quality of the Internet and access to information wherever it is required. The DE-CIX ecosystems as a whole and the participants within these ecosystems create the ideas together with us to map the journey into an interconnected digital world. Read more

Ivo A. Ivanov

Ivo Ivanov
Chief Strategic & Corporate Development Officer

The DE-CIX Internet Exchanges worldwide

  • 1,600+ connected networks
  • 18 IXs
  • 100+ partners
  • 470+ cities
  • 75+ countries

Automation and the largest-ever infrastructure relocation in DE-CIX’s history

The migration of DECIX 7 to DE-CIX 12 in Frankfurt was the biggest migration in the history of DE-CIX. More than 450 customers and close to 2.4 Tbit/s of data traffic were migrated during live operation, and this was achieved without any impact on the connectivity of customers. DECIX 12 allowed DE-CIX to write history, with the installation of the first patch robot in an IX anywhere in the world, Patchy McPatchbot, for which we received the Global Carrier Award for the Best Internet Exchange Innovation. Automation will continue to be a key focus in 2019. In terms of network automation, we will launch additional patch robots in Frankfurt at high-density sites. We are also looking at how we can simplify it for our customers to interconnect their network automation tools with our infrastructure. And in response to the growing customer demand for more data capacity, DE-CIX will begin to offer 400-GE access technology. Read more

Dr. Thomas King

Dr. Thomas King
Chief Technology Officer

DE-CIX Frankfurt

Connected capacity (Tbit)
Peak traffic (Gbit/s)

DE-CIX in Germany: Frankfurt maintains top-ranking global position, regional locations experience enormous growth

DE-CIX Frankfurt continued to grow unabated in 2018. Customer growth was close to 10 percent higher than the previous year and the strong demand for 100 GE ports – an increase of 40 percent – highlights the growing demand for bandwidth. This had a strong impact on connected capacity, which rose by over 30 percent to over 36 Terabits. With a peak traffic of 6.7 Tbit/s, Frankfurt is still the world record holder and the largest Internet Exchange worldwide in terms of data throughput. In addition to this, the German regional exchanges in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, and Munich experienced a consolidated growth of over 37 percent in customer numbers and over 40 percent in connected capacity. Read more

Andreas Sturm

Andreas Sturm
Chief Business Development Officer

Expansion: Locations, sites, and services

Following the traffic flows from north to south and from west to east, DE-CIX further expanded globally, adding and announcing new locations – such as DE-CIX Lisbon, and the partnerships with MSK-IX in Moscow and BCIX in Berlin. Thirteen new enabled sites - and, together with partners, hundreds of access sites all over the world - were established. The GlobePEER Remote service, initially launched in 2016 between Frankfurt and New York, is now also available in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Istanbul, and Marseille. And with the DirectCLOUD service, customers get access to the services of more than 45 certified cloud service providers, including not only large players – such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Partner Interconnect – but also many niche and specialist cloud providers.

Read more

DE-CIX New York

Connected capacity (Gbit)
Peak traffic (Gbit/s)

North America: DE-CIX New York exceeds key milestone of 200 connected ASNs

Just four and a half years in the market, the fastest-growing IX in the New York metro area exceeded a key milestone of 200 connected ASNs. This brought it to the number-one position as the largest carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchange in terms of connected ASNs in the New York/New Jersey/Long Island metro market. Accentuating this key milestone is the fact that nearly fifty percent of the networks are exclusively available via DE-CIX in New York, and over 30 percent of networks are only available in North America via DE-CIX New York. Customers at DE-CIX New York grew by a very healthy 22 percent, with a 70 percent increase in orders for 100 GE ports. DE-CIX Dallas, launched in September 2016, also experienced significant growth in 2018, with the number of customers growing during the year by nearly 26 percent to over 50. Read more

Ed d'Agostino

Ed d'Agostino
Vice President DE-CIX North America

DE-CIX Madrid

Connected capacity (Gbit)
Peak traffic (Gbit/s)

DE-CIX rising in Southern Europe – creating new digital hubs

As traditional global traffic flows are changing and heading south, DE-CIX took the right steps years ago in establishing its Internet Exchanges in Madrid, Marseille, and Palermo. IP traffic is forecast to triple by 2021 – with African, Middle Eastern, and Asian traffic at the forefront of growth. This will especially affect the Mediterranean coast and Iberian Peninsula. In line with these trends, DE-CIX also announced in late 2018 the forthcoming opening of its newest Internet Exchange on the Iberian Peninsula in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. Lisbon itself is the sea cable hub of the Iberian Peninsula, with many major sea cable connections landing there from Western Africa and the Americas. We expect to witness a new regime of transatlantic traffic flows, with the Iberian Peninsula as the new center of gravity. Connected customers can meet European networks and international content providers there, instead of needing to go so much further north. Growth of more than 22 percent in new customers was experienced in the region during 2018. At DE-CIX Marseille, the number of ASNs grew by a substantial 41 percent. Read more

Theresa Bobis
Regional Director South Europe

Mumbai IX

Connected capacity (Gbit)

Mumbai-IX on the rise in 2018

Added to the DE-CIX family as a joint venture in late 2017, Mumbai-IX made significant progress in 2018. It has now become the largest Internet Exchange in the most important Internet Gateway for the Indian sub-continent. A total of 129 customers were using DE-CIX services by the end of 2018, a growth rate of close to 170 percent in comparison to 2017. In addition, the total connected customer capacity rose by 106 percent to more than 650 Gbits. In early 2019, DE-CIX also announced that it will expand its business activities to the Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai markets in due course. The three new Indian IXs will run as DE-CIX Delhi, DE-CIX Kolkata, and DE-CIX Chennai. Read more

Interconnecting two continents – DE-CIX Istanbul

With its distributed infrastructure, DE-CIX Istanbul is the world’s only Internet Exchange to serve two continents – Europe and Asia – in one country. It gives access to a variety of networks via various data centers across Turkey, including in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and İzmir, and serves leading global and regional networks. In 2018, DE-CIX Istanbul saw strong growth of close to 30 percent in 10 GE ports. This is due to existing customers – such as national and international operators and content delivery networks – upgrading their existing access to the IX. In particular, there was increased interest from international networks. As a result, the connected capacity in 2018 also rose by 27 percent, finishing at 327 Gbits. Read more

Bülent Şen
Regional Director Turkey

DE-CIX Annual Report 2019

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