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How to apply

We concentrate on the essentials: on you and your skills. Every application is carefully reviewed – we ask for your understanding when this takes some time. This is how it works:

  1. Please apply by mail or online.
  2. If our wishes and ideas coincide, you will be invited back.
  3. In an initial interview you will get to know the HR team and one or two team members.
  4. If our wishes and ideas coincide, you will get invited back. At this meeting we will delve deeper into the future area of work. The chemistry between colleagues is also very important – we will find out here whether we fit well together.
  5. Once we have mutually opted for each other, the contract will be signed.
  6. Finally, we will meet again on the agreed starting date. Or even before that, because if there is a party or team event coming up, you will be cordially invited.
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