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Analyze your traffic and traffic relationships 

The DE-CIX Service Insights System allows customers to conveniently analyze their overall GlobePEER service utilization and shows detailed traffic relationships with other customers. 

In the DE-CIX customer portal, the Service Insights System is available for all DE-CIX Exchanges in Europe (except our partner exchanges Berlin, Moscow, and St. Petersburg) and the United States.

What you can analyze

With the GlobePEER-based statistics, you can analyze the traffic that is coming from your network into the DE-CIX infrastructure and the traffic coming out of the DE-CIX infrastructure going into your network.

In addition, you can divide the overall GlobePEER traffic into traffic shares which show the peering traffic with up to five other selected peers. Individual statistics for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic are available.

Login to see your stats

To take advantage of this free service, just log into the DE-CIX customer portal to access your GlobePEER service statistics and traffic relationship statistics.

More information about how and where we measure and what you can analyze, can be found in the statistics documentation.

View of traffic share with selected customers