Partner Spotlight: Epsilon

Epsilon have been a DE-CIX partner for quite some time. As a reseller for DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Marseille, and New York, they connect networks to DE-CIX so that they can peer remotely. 

We spoke to Mark Daley, Director of Digital Strategy and Business Development at Epsilon, about their partnership with DE-CIX and how the connection to DE-CIX supports their service offerings.

What developments and challenges do you see in today’s interconnection industry?

The Internet Exchange (IX) model has accelerated how Service Providers interconnect. In a market that’s driven by cloud and content, end user experience is critical for our partners' growth. The challenge is that they want the simplicity of using an IX, but with the ability to reach multiple Exchange points in various metro markets around the world quickly and without any barriers.

In what way does Epsilon offer solutions for the described challenges?

Our goal is to make it simple for our partners to benefit from peering at IXs globally. Our global interconnect fabric includes more than 600 Service Providers as well as IXs that span across the globe. Through our Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform, we provide a direct interconnect solution for on-demand connectivity to DE-CIX’s IXs.

Our partners do not have to be physically present at IXs and can simply rely on on-demand connectivity to make remote peering work for them. This optimizes remote peering and enables them to rapidly connect to DE-CIX and access new peering partners. It’s taking interconnecting to a new level.

On-demand connectivity gives our partners presence at DE-CIX Exchanges in Europe, the US, and the UAE, without the need to ever build infrastructure in these places. They can peer at IXs around the world and bring their users closer to the content they want, offering a better user experience. 

It provides the tools needed to expand our partners’ presence and deliver better quality content. They can peer seamlessly around the globe with truly flexible and elastic infrastructure. The on-demand connectivity takes remote peering and optimizes it for today’s cloud-centric market. 

Epsilon is not only a DE-CIX reseller who can thereby enable networks to peer at our exchanges, but you are also a DirectCLOUD partner. What’s the biggest benefit of using DirectCLOUD to connect to Epsilon?

Our partnership enables DE-CIX to extend the reach of the IP footprint its customers can use. DE-CIX partners can gain rapid access to our IP Transit services through a simple and seamless model. Through the DirectCloud, DE-CIX can also connect to our global interconnect fabric, which includes more than 600 Service Providers as well as Cloud Service Providers that span across the globe. 

By partnering with DE-CIX, we are enabling our partners to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We truly see the value that DE-CIX delivers and look forward to a long-lasting relationship.

DE-CIX is accelerating and simplifying how our partners interconnect. It’s simply making it faster to connect.   

Many thanks for the Interview!