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Pascal Tonecker

Managing Producer and COO, Pixomondo


Pascal initially wanted to pursue a career as a musician before he fell in love with the film industry. He began volunteering at an advertising agency in 1996, where he soon rose to the position of junior account representative. In 1998 Pascal decided to work freelance in various disciplines of the film industry – ranging from set-runner to set-dresser, stylist, location scout, set-manager and unit manager.

In 2000 he joined Neue Sentimental Film Frankfurt as a production assistant and in less than a year he became one of their junior producers. In that same year he also volunteered for 9 weeks as a development aid worker for Feedback e.V., in Capetown.

At the end of 2000, Pascal and some colleagues launched a new subsidiary of Neue Sentimental Film called Group.ie. where he was a producer for many large scale clients such as Volkswagen, EXPO, Mercedes-Benz, and Telekom. Due to his expertise in interdisciplinary fields, he was chosen to establish the R&D department within Group.ie. One of his well-known projects is the Frankfurt based advertising film festival “VDW Award,” which was established in 2003 and is more recently called “Werbefilmpreis”.

In 2003 Pascal left Group.ie to launch his own project “komma9“ which is still in operation. Between 2004 and 2012 he was also working as a freelance producer in the advertising industry. He produced TV commercials for numerous clients including Dr. Oetker, FIAT, Porsche, Mazda, Samsung, Unicef, and Sony.

From 2009 and 2010 he started working as a post-production producer and became the deputy-managing producer for “VCC GmbH – Agency for Postproduction” in Düsseldorf. This increased his experience in the field of post-production and visual effects, which led him to Pixomondo.

Pascal initially joined Pixomondo as a freelance VFX Producer in 2013. During that year, his roles and responsibilities continuously expanded from project to project. Afterwards Pascal founded the start-up “SPS Feed,” which focused on R&D for sustainable protein sources based on insects.

In September 2014, Pascal returned to Pixomondo as the COO and managing producer of Pixomondo Studios GmbH & Co KG. He is currently at the Frankfurt branch of the company, where he is also Executive Producer.